”Zurumbático is an endless journey to the place where One hundred years of solitude, the literary work of the writer Gabriel García Márquez was born. A story full of extraordinary essence, contained in thousands of Latin American villages, roots of a gigantic empirical hemisphere, passionate, forgotten, fickle, violent, improvised and above all, happy”. Excerpts from Zurumbatico’s statement.

Luis Cobelo: “Latin America is quite ‘zurumbatica’ and we will keep on being ‘zurumbaticos’”

Zurumbatico, the photographic exhibition inspired by 100 años de soledad (One Hundred Years of Solitude), arrives to the Miami Institute of Photography, after having been in Italy and Mexico. At this stop, its creator, Venezuelan photographer Luis Cobelo, promises a frenzy format that will include surprise performances, a ‘zurumbatico’ dress-code, as well as music, as Read more about Luis Cobelo: “Latin America is quite ‘zurumbatica’ and we will keep on being ‘zurumbaticos’”[…]

19th Century Photography Techniques are Back

A group of contemporary creators has decided to go back to the origins of photography, and continue to work with techniques that are nearly 200 years old. Looking at the romantic styles of their predecessors, the Pre-Raphaelite aesthetic has revived in contemporary image-making. This has been the case of the Adam Fuss series Home and Read more about 19th Century Photography Techniques are Back[…]