Online workshops-2020
Expand your photographic knowledge with our online live courses. Classes are not recorded, but in real-time, so you will be able to study and interact with your instructor, yet at the comfort of your home, office, or place of study. The number of participants is limited in each course, guaranteeing everyone will get noticed!
Expand your photographic knowledge with our face to face courses taken on campus. We not only count with three classrooms, fully-equipped for photography, but also with a professional studio in which some lessons will be taught. The best part is, we believe in small class sizes where students and teachers can work one-on-one!
Our studio is the best place for you to showcase your talent, it offers much more than your average studio place. It is fully equipped for your photographic production needs, from lighting equipment to our ever-changing supply of props, backdrops, setups and more. It’s not only convenient and affordable but also perfect in size, not too small but not too large!

  Photo by: Luis Lacau

MIP is an educational institution specialized in photography with an assembly of exceptionally talented and accomplished instructors. We believe in the magic of image-making as a hands-on experience where we focus on our students. Our main objective is to help them develop their photographic talents to the highest possible level.

We offer various workshops, both online and on-campus, starting from beginner to professional level courses. We believe higher standards are achieved with smaller class sizes. Therefore the number of participants is limited in each course, resulting in overall increased participation and individual attention between the instructor and the student.

Find out about the trends in photography, history, techniques and more.

Do what you love and love what you do.

Jennifer Cortiella started her fascination for photography at a young age, when her mom gave her a Polaroid camera when she was 10. In time, taking pictures became her hobby...

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