Do what you love and love what you do.

Do what you love and love what you do.

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Jennifer Cortiella started her fascination for photography at a young age, when her mom gave her a Polaroid camera when she was 10. In time, taking pictures became her hobby and vacation from any other job may it be a fashion designer, private investigator, or paralegal. Six years ago, she decided to turn what she loves doing into a career, specializing in wedding photography; thus, Cortiella Photography was born.

Cortiella Photography is all about capturing emotions and candid moments to tell her clients love story. Jennifer chose to photograph weddings because people often feel their deepest emotions on that day, and she loves making images that capture incredibly special moments. As an entrepreneur Jennifer has transformed her talent and passion into hard work, optimism and most importantly, into the possibility to relate with her clients in a special way. Jennifer believes that photography entails so much more than
one day of shooting.

We had the opportunity to be a part of Jennifer’s photography journey as she completed several of our specialization workshops, where she polished even more her amazing talent and knowledge. A few days ago, as we are all getting back to our regular routines, and since our photo studio had just reopened, the Cortiella Photography team worked a spectacular bridal/editorial photo session at our studio. We had the chance to see her work and to be captured by the enthusiasm and expertise that has contributed for her career as a photographer to thrive.

For us, at the Miami Institute of Photography, Jennifer is truly a great example of how, when you do what you love with passion and perseverance, you can be successful and happy. We feel proud and grateful to be a part of that journey. Thank you, Jennifer Cortiella.
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