MIP in Spanish

MIP in Spanish

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We have recently expanded our horizon beyond the borders of our city and even more so of our country. The fact that we have been aiming part of our teaching model towards online courses has put us in touch with many people eager to learn photography by this way with us. We also had a particularly good response from Spanish-speaking folks from countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, and Spain. This led us to expand our vision of online teaching towards the opportunity of providing to more people the courses and workshops of the MIP also in Spanish.

For this purpose, we have modified all our online courses and workshops to be taught also in Spanish. From the most iconic ones such as Digital Photography, Smart Phone Photography, Introduction to the Digital Camera, Photoshop or Lightroom, as well as our new courses, all are designed to maintain the same quality and effectiveness as our face-to-face classes. To this we add the advantage that our courses online are live, which allows students to clarify and resolve their doubts with the teacher in the moment they occur.

Our digital and marketing platform has also been expanded so that we can reach all Hispanic countries. You will see that on our website you can now choose between English or Spanish. Even our calendar has been redesigned to point out language preferences.

It is interesting to note that the possibility of this digital expansion was partly already being worked on at the Institute, but certainly the challenges posed recently accelerated this possibility into reality. A reality that now allows us to teach more people the knowledge they need to improve themselves in the immense and fascinating world of photography.

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