Wherever your camera may lead you

Wherever your camera may lead you

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Thinking about what inspires and guides you to take a photograph. Sometimes the image appears in front of you and you just cannot miss it. But some other times the image appears first in your mind.
Sometimes you know what you are going to get and some others you just do not know, but taking the photo becomes a desire, a necessity, that only goes away when you take the picture.

No matter if you want to photograph, for example, your hand or the most spectacular landscape from the highest peak. It seems that is the image in your mind that pushes thru to become a photo. May it be a sweet ripe mango, a tasteful plate of your favorite food, your typical neighborhood duck, a beautiful sunny sunset, or the most incredible landscape you have ever seen. The fact is that this urge makes you move.

It actually makes your get on your feet, get your photo gear ready, go through a series of imponderables, big and small, until you are in front of the desired subject and you finally make the shot.
But wait! Without a camera nothing of this happens! Hence, one could also speculate in a thought- provoking way that is the camera who leads the photographer and not the other way around.

In the case of Alicia Jarret, todays featured photographer, her motivation has led her to incredible places and travels and to be in front of unique sights and subjects. A pregnant zebra in the hot plains of the Serengeti, the colorfulness delight of the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone, or even a llama, like posing just for her, in the mystical heights of Machu Picchu.

Alicia Jarrett is part of the amazing talent that has studied photography in our Institute. She started from the beginning – Introduction to the Digital Camera – and went on thru some of our photographic specialization courses. The result, an amazing travel and wildlife photographer as you can see by the photographs she shared with us for this blog. We are proud and grateful to be part of her photographic journey.

Regarding the beautiful llama in Machu Picchu that you see as our cover photo for this blog, Alicia told us that she had to chase the llama all over those majestic mountain tops until she was able to get the perfect shot.

So then again, bringing back the initial thought of this note, we speculate with further insight: is personal inspiration what leads us to an amazing photo? or is the camera what guides us towards the best photo opportunity ever?

In any case we hope that Alicia’s photos inspire you to make that move and go take those extraordinary photos wherever your camera may lead you.

To see more of Alicia Jarrett spectacular photos, follow her IG page @ajarrettphotography