Focusing on you

Focusing on you

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We all like surveys and more when it comes to topics related to what we are dealing with: photography. We have posted through our Twitter account – @miamiphotoinst – a series of polls with the idea of getting closer to the specific needs that our followers and students have. Although many of these concerns are covered in our basic digital photography courses as well as in our specialization workshops, others arose that have allowed us to know in more detail the trends and problems that you would like us to attend. For this we are already working on a series of short videos – Video Tips – that will be available to everyone online, and that will answer quickly and concisely the doubts, and questions that we have collected in these surveys.

For example, there are many doubts about the use of manual mode in digital cameras and we were able to confirm this in one of the surveys that focused on this topic. When asking, with regard to manual mode, which of these mistakes you make more often the main one was, do not measure the light. Followed by poor focus point, ISO settings, and inadequate speed.

Without a doubt the mastery of manual mode requires experience, but without a good knowledge base of these tools the way to master them is frankly uncertain. Our Basic Digital Photography courses I and II cover these topics in depth with theory and practice. It is available as a virtual class and also face-to-face. Do not hesitate to take it to know and solidify your technical bases of the camera. Is fundamental.

On the subject of photographic composition, most of the answers were inclined in terms of importance to the following points: work of height and perspective, proportion of objects, natural frames, and finally the rule of thirds.

The subject of photo composition is one of the points we cover in our basic Digital Photography course, and even more so now with the new face-to-face course and virtual course – Rules of Composition – also available as an individual module. This course covers everything related to this important topic is 3 sessions of two hours each.

Specific doubts about points that go more towards detail, depending on the occasion and intent also arose. They were directed more towards specialization in certain tools, and to the series of problems that can occur and ruin a good photograph. For example, how to control the flash and its reflection, and how to avoid ‘red eyes’.

These topics are extensively covered in our face-to-face workshop – Off Flash Camera – which will soon be back in our calendar. However, these specific doubts are a good example of what we will be offering in our – Video Tips – as well as the mastery of depth of field, and darkened corners that were also noted.

Interest about specific niches of expertise and need in learning more about these topics covered in large-scale, photography of social events, nature photography, photo portraits and pet photography.

As for portrait photography, it is another of the emblematic courses that has been taught in our institute since its opening and that is never missing from our calendar. Photography of social events, as well as nature photography when we resume our guided photography walks, will soon be available, not leaving behind pet photography.

We have already added the virtual course of bird photography, business side of photography, and history of photography. These are just a few examples of the topics that we are incorporating and expanding in our offer of courses, workshops and now video tips, in order to be ever closer and within reach of anyone who needs to continue learning and advancing in this immense and fascinating world of photography.

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