3 great Spring Break ideas for your creative teenager crowd!

Take advantage of our outstanding photography workshops and give your kids the best knowledge and practice during Spring Break 2019!


1. “PhotoCamp” Spring Break with us!

Photography could be everyone’s cup of tea! Nowadays we have so many gadgets available, that creating a great Photography project is not only natural; it can be affordable and an excellent chance to grow a different set of skills. A Photography Spring Break Camp could be a fantastic way to entertain your kids by giving them the opportunity to explore a new talent or even better, a more structured approach to the hobby.

2. Let us conquer the outdoors, yes we all love it.

Once we have mastered our smartphone photography features to the max, any outdoor activity will bring a new photo film project challenge. A nice walk around the city enjoying the skyline or maybe a quiet meditation time watching the sunset with your kids will be enough to treasure memories having fun and appreciation for each other’s talents.

3. We can always plan an adventure together!

Making a joint effort to put together an extraordinary vacation can be part of the enjoyment as well as giving an excellent opportunity to teach Planning and organization skills. And guess what? Documenting this process happens to be a magnificent start to a beautiful Vacation Video.

Spring Break might be an excellent opportunity to bring the family together easily and affordable. And taking advantage of exceptional photography skills will always be an add on to you to treasure your family moments.

What do you think is going to be your plan?