Video with Digital Cameras II


This is an intensive “workshop” in which the principles of lighting are worked with different light sources, filters, how to apply them and the relationship between them and our camera. It works in two days: One for studio lighting and another for location and outdoor lighting.

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Course Description

Video is becoming more and more an indispensable and complementary tool for many media, such as the press, social networks or content creator portals, so it is essential to know how to develop audiovisual content and control this language in order to evolve professionally.

If you already have knowledge of using your digital camera, we present you a perfect course to get started in video recording, squeezing the possibilities of your equipment.

We invite you to know first-hand the main characteristics of video recording with digital cameras and to learn how to use the maximum potential of your equipment to obtain surprising results and professional finishes.

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at all those photographers, amateurs or professionals, who want to expand their portfolio of services and be able to offer professional quality videos by taking advantage of their digital camera and its market.


The course is potentially practical to maximize learning, without neglecting the essential theoretical basis for obtaining results. We will do exercises both in the studio and outdoors, to apply the theory and stimulate our creativity.


Rafael Nuñez 


  • Elements of the construction of the digital video image
  • The optics
  • Camera Speeds (FPS) / Shutter
  • Lighting in outdoor, studio and indoor locations
  • Exposition
  • Dynamic range
  • Camera movements
  • Ergonomics / Accessories

Requirements & Duration

Participants must have prior knowledge of using their camera to get the most out of the course.
Everyone should have their own digital camera with manual controls.
Have completed the Video workshop with digital cameras I or have advanced knowledge of using your camera in video mode

Maximum of people:  8 participants


2 sessions (of 3 hrs)


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