5 Great Tips for Outdoor Photography​

What a better way to enjoy Spring Break than taking great pictures. Check out these five great tips:

1. Keep an eye on the horizon

Go traditional in composition techniques and always keep an eye on the horizon, including a lot of foregrounds.  While you want to make sure the background is leveled and pretty much “even.” Keep in mind; the front will allow you to set the stage to your composition adding context to your image.

2. The light situation

Very important: plan the light position. Remember to take advantage of natural light as much as possible, to avoid shadows and blown out lights. Usually, having the sun in the back will give you a clear well-illuminated landscape.

3. Double check your white balance

It is better to double check always your white balance level, while your camera might be getting it right sometimes is just better to manually adjust it.


4. Should we shoot in RAW?

If you hear editing and postproduction and want to go learning rampage crazy about it, DO SHOOT RAW. Shooting RAW gives you the opportunity to maximize flexibility in post-processing, getting you closer to your much-desired outcome.

5. Sparkle creativity

Use Water and its reflections as part of your images. You can use a slow speed to get smooth and blurry surface looking to a waterfall, or maybe a different challenge: try using the water as a mirror-like with a very still and bright shoot.

Practice and let us know how it was it!