February 15th, 2020 - 6:00pm

Burning Compositions, Muu Blanco’s solo exhibition at the Miami Institute of

Photography, brings together a selection of the New Compositional Thought 1 and 2 series (2015), where the artist reflects on the changes in appearance and meaning of images after they change context or are manipulated. The project is developed from appropriation and intervention of images reproduced in the magazine Extra Cámara Nro. 13 (1988) and the book Retromundo (1986) by Paolo Gasparini, two publications dedicated to documentary photography.


In Burning Compositions, photographic testimony and personal archaeology blend in an attempt to unearth latent content. The exhibition is structured as an image file, the meaning of which transcends the concrete facts to become archetypical devices. In that universe, there are no originals and copies, but images that refer to other images, some underlying and others emerging.

A symptom of the brevity of current times, Muu Blanco’s work travels a winding path between various media and pillars; from the printed book to the exhibition hall, through the digital recoding of analog records. In reality, an image is never conclusive, even if it is “fixed” on paper, wall or electronic display. It is enough that a red thread or some pills interfere with the perimeter of the image so that it acquires hidden connotations. That friction between memory and contingencies produce a reconfiguring flash in the image; perhaps that “burning” trace referred to by George Didi-Huberman and in front of which it would be necessary to discern “the place where the ash has not yet cooled.”.


Félix Suazo

January, 2020.