Saturday May 11 / 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Conservation photographer Matt Stock has been in the field over 70 times over the last two years exploring the remote regions of the Everglades.

In this hands-on field trip/workshop you’ll learn from an experienced professional photographer how to see the iconic River of Grass in a new light.

This trip welcomes everyone curious to explore the Everglades in a unique way. The final location for this field trip will be determined based on weather and environmental conditions.

We will enjoy some hiking in this field-trip, so make sure you wear walking shoes or boots. Be aware we will need environmentally friendly mosquitoes protection!

Shortly after signing up, you will be receiving by email a detailed checklist with the equipment suggested and  the final meeting location at the Everglades, or meeting time at MIP if you prefer to share a ride.

Instructor: Matt Stock