Dec 1st – The Miami Institute of Photography and the Miami Street Photography Festival are pleased to present the exhibit, La Tempestad (The Tempest) by Vladimir Marcano.

Between April and August of 2017, Venezuela experienced an extraordinary popular insurrection. It was not the first time that civil society rebelled against Chavism but it was the first time that the disobedience had a character so massive, insistent and transversal to all sectors and social classes. Men, women, old people and children, workers and the middle class joined in a single common and tenacious force.   The youth and students soon became the soldiers at the forefront of the demonstrations facing the repressive forces with “shields” made of wood, plastic, and metal. More than 130 lives were lost.

Vladimir Marcano collects the essence of this long battle of almost four months, which unites with images of previous protests that presaged what would come next. The vulnerability of a youth that fights for a life worthy of being lived, among the tear gas, the bullets, the filthy water, the bullets coming from an out of control power. This photographic work is a tribute to those who lived those days of lead and pain. It is also a necessary document for the memory of events that undressed forever the true nature of a sinister regime that can no longer hide its infamous face.

Marcano has had numerous exhibitions in Venezuela; he has also exhibited in Indonesia, Holland and Mexico. His exhibit “La Tempestad” (The Tempest) is one of MSPF’s satellite exhibits this year, at the Miami Institute of Photography. 

La Tempestad is generously sponsored by: Image Pro International, EPSON, Wynwood Editions and History Miami Museum.