Our studio is the best place for you to showcase your talent, it offers much more than your average studio place. It is fully equipped for your photographic production needs, from lighting equipment to our ever-changing supply of props, backdrops, setups and more. It’s not only convenient and affordable but also perfect in size, not too small but not too large!

Get the advantage of booking a photography session with experienced and talented photographers and videographers from our exclusive staff.


Customized one-on-one or small group sessions workshops for beginners and advanced photographers at our institute, in a location of your preference or even online via video conference.

At MIP we can offer you great tools to grow your business.

On-site or at specific location custom-designed workshops aligned with your business goals make training a very convenient motivational opportunity. Team work can be stimulating and rewarding at the same time.


Our darkroom comes fully equipped with three Beseler Cadet II enlargers that can print 35mm – 8×10” prints, one Durst M800 and one Leitz Focomat V35 for up to 11 x 14″ prints.